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With just three members, Lawn Enforcement creates a wall of sound that is explosive and powerful while doing so in a simplistic and effortless way. Inspired by various artists of the 90s and early 2000s like Dinosaur Jr., Hum, and Failure. Lawn Enforcement has all of the rawness and authenticity of any early grunge outfit with a few modern touches. Created by Max Agee in 2021, LE is now made up of longtime friend Dawson Newman on bass and Jackson DeGrappo on drums.  






Digital Drip S5 Ep.2 | Lawn Enforcement

Digital Drip S5 Ep.2 | Lawn Enforcement

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In their single Burden, the band showcases their artistic prowess with a six-minute masterpiece that will appeal to both fans of 90s rock and modern rock enthusiasts alike.

- Last Day Deaf

With a very aggressive sound and a captivating melody, this sound is for Rock'n'Roll lovers.

- Roadie Music

The band presents modern alternative rock, very characteristic and with a genuine and very captivating atmosphere. - Metal Junkbox

I love the fury that this track kicks off with. The beat is fast and the guitars are wailing... 

- Girl at the Rock Shows

The North American band Lawn Enforcement released their newest single on March 3, entitled “Dark”. The song rests its roots on Alternative Rock that has its feet firmly planted in the 1990s, with good guitar work, which delivers good riffs and a lot of energy, as well as well-varied rhythmic work that imposes good weight. closing, good melodies and a chorus that wins on the first listen. 

- Roadie Metal

About The Band

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Lawn Enforcement started out as a live band for Max Agee's solo project known as Western Media. After realizing some stylistic differences with the way this band played he made the decision to treat it as a new project. Many of the songs were written before the band would be officially formed in Tennessee and this is where they would start playing their first shows. After a very successful year the band would move back to North Carolina, sadly without original bassist Levi Oakerson. After a small hiatus the band is now back playing shows and recording new material with drummer Jackson DeGrappo and Dawson Newman on bass. 

Lawn Enforcement Riders

Requirements, Requests, and More

Set List

  • Length- 45 minutes to an hour a half

Technical Rider

  • Fender Hot Rod Deville Amp

  • Ampeg Combo Bass Amp

  • One mic

  • One Pedalboard

  • Three wedges (if possible)


If you need your Lawn Enforced please contact
Max Agee


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