Described as a combination of old school grunge with a side of punk, Lawn Enforcement is the most raw, energetic, and passionate band to come out of Wilmington, NC in the last decade. Guitarist Max Agee, who perfected his sound while attending Berklee College of Music in Boston, and drummer Nick Tsaousis who attended Dark Horse Institute in Franklin, TN have combined their talents to create an indie-grunge fusion outfit now known as
Lawn Enforcement.

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About The Band

During the last year, Lawn Enforcement has been writing, recording, and performing out of Nashville, TN. After creating their own DIY music venue, The Halfwall, LE has been a growing attraction in the indie scene. Formed by Max Agee and Nick Tsaousis in 2021, the band aims to continue to blow peoples minds, touch their hearts, and make killer music. The band now resides in North Carolina with home bases in Boone and Wilmington. Get in touch to learn more about the band and upcoming gigs.

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Lawn Enforcement Riders

Requirements, Requests, and More

Set List

  • Length- 45 minutes to an hour a half

Technical Rider

  • Fender Hot Rod Deville Amp

  • Ampeg Combo Bass Amp

  • One mic

  • One Pedalboard

  • Three wedges (if possible)



If you need your Lawn Enforced please contact
Max Agee


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